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Kreider-Construction-Staff-GregKreider Construction, Inc., established in 1990, takes pride in its reputation as a relationship driven construction services provider with an enviable record of success.

Company owner, Greg Kreider, a fourth generation Pacific Northwest resident, has been a “builder” since he was a boy, from tinkering with bicycles to building backyard forts. This hands-on entrepreneur has doggedly pursued his passion for planning and building a quality finished product. He believes in the strength of a carefully selected team made up of members committed to “taking care of each other” in the pursuit of meeting each client’s goals.

Greg’s father and grandfather were both commercial fishermen. Greg spent 18 summers commercial fishing in Bristol Bay, Alaska. It was in the fishing industry that his work ethic became a part of who he is. The family legacy continued with a trip up to Bristol Bay with his son Gaven in 2008.

In addition to commercial fishing, early efforts to pay for college and support a new family included work in the construction industry. In 1990, he and his wife Dawnell decided to go into business. Kreider got his contractor’s license for what he thought would be a brief period of time.

The joy he found in the business led them to keep growing and learning. Kreider took on any project he could, from remodeling a Dairy Farm to maintenance at a local School District. In 1991, they built their first house in Sudden Valley. From there, they’ve never looked back. Kreider Construction has continued to grow, even during the national recession that has rocked businesses of all sizes.

Today, Kreider has a core staff along with multiple crews who bring experience and specialized skills to the table. When you choose Kreider Construction to build your project, you add a team member whose priorities are to understand your goals and look out for your best interests.